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Embrace the dead AF vibes and spook up your space! Offering three different sized glass skull candles this year! Filled with 15oz, 16oz, or 38oz(!) of your favorite ACC fall scent. 100-200+ hour burn time!


GREEN 15oz with WOODEN WICK {100+ hour burn time}

CLEAR 16oz with COTTON WICK {100+ hour burn time}
CLEAR 38oz with DOUBLE COTTON WICK {200+ hour burn time}


Choose from your favorite Fall scents:


Ghost Stories //roasted marshmallows ✵ smoldering fire pit//

If you got it, HAUNT it! //blood orange ✵ pumpkin//

just a little hocus pocus //autumn leaves ✵ fog ✵ mist//

Scare-a-Mel Latte //caramel ✵ cream ✵ butter pecan//

Spooky Bitch //cocoa powder ✵ baked brownie ✵ smokey maple//

Stay for a Spell //nutmeg ✵ ginger ✵ zucchini ✵ malted milk//


Boos and Brew //spicy cinnamon ✵ fresh brewed coffee//

Farm Fresh Autumn //crisp apples//

Oh My Gourd //toasted pumpkin ✵ cinnamon ✵ molasses//

'Merica //apple pie ✵ bourbon//

Custom *Dead AF* Skeleton

  • - Phthalate Free

    - 15/16/38 ounces of fragranced 100% soy wax- Hand poured in a small batch

    - 100-200+ hours of burn time

    - Braided cotton wick for clear jars

    -Crackling wooden wick for the green jar