Let's catch up, shall we? Stay for a spell!


Wrap yourself up in a warm scarf, pick out the perfect pumpkin, leaf peep, bake a pie, listen to the rain on your roof, wear your favorite sweater, sit in front of the fire... and light this candle. This scent is that vibe. Cozy, Fall, and addictive. 


//nutmeg ✵ ginger ✵ zucchini ✵ malted milk//

Stay for a Spell

  • - Phthalate Free

    - 12 ounces of fragranced coconut/paraffin blended wax

    - Hand poured in a small batch

    -65+ hours of burn time

    - Cozy wood crackling wick

  • Please note that a quantity of 2,3,4,5 or 6 candles ships for the SAME cost as 2!