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High-quality ingredients for long-lasting fragrance, the wax melt bars are made of six break-apart cubes designed to use with any fragrance wax warmer. 


Baja Cali Sur //blue agava flower ✵ raw cacao ✵ citrus salt//


Floral Breeze //rose ✵ magnolia ✵ leafy stems// 


High Tides & Good Vibes //himalayan sea salt ✵ crushed sage ✵ oud wood//


Lotta Colada //ripe pineapple ✵ coconut ✵ rum//


Muddled Mojito //mint ✵ lime ✵ simple syrup ✵ rum//


Salsa Season //garden-fresh tomatoes ✵ dewy citrus ✵ herbs//

Summer Collection Wax Melts

  • - Place one or two cubes in your plug-in or tea light powered wax warmer. (Scents and their strengths are personal and subjective.)

    - Fragrance will last around 20-30 hours per cube, but will depend on type and power of warmer and your scent strength preference.

    - Always remove old wax before putting a new cube in!

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