The Salty Spouse - the military spouse who has been around for a while. You've seen it, you've experienced it, you've been tested, yet you're still kicking ass and taking names. It's an invincible badge that is unknown to many. In some cases, it takes one to know one! 


These sweet little vintage blue jars are unique to this set, and so are the scents! 


Household 6 - //rose ✵ lily ✵ sea salt//

A military spouse who runs things at home, not only everyday, but also while their service member is away during deployments, TDYs, and training. Often raising the children alone, handling PCSs alone, and every major life event.


Per Diem Fairy - //hyacinth ✵ apricot ✵ sea salt//

Extra pay or allowances while the service member is deployed. 


Semper Gumby - //almond ✵ coconut ✵ sea salt//

Always flexible.     <-------every mil spouse.


Will you be my emergency contact? - //oud wood ✵ kelp ✵ sea salt//

Just moved to town, doesn't know a soul, asks first reasonably put-together person met if they would be willing to provide their cell phone for your child's school form. 




The Salty Spouse

  • - Phthalate Free

    - (4) 4 ounce jars of fragranced coconut/paraffin blended wax

    - Hand poured in a small batch

    - 30+ hours of burn time each

    - braided cotton wick