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Hi!  Welcome to my candle shop!  

Thank you for supporting this military spouse/family! I combined my love of candles and our military life to create uniquely scented wax with equally unique names. You'll find a small explanation of each name on its candle page. 

I welcome all name suggestions from service members and their loved ones. If you live the military life in any branch of service and want a candle dedicated to it, reach out! I would love to hear from you!! 

Even if you are not living the military life, you are supporting it and we thank YOU! Hopefully you find that these candles give you a little insight and a snippet of the daily life. 

I handle everything here at Aweigh Candle Company.  I built this website, make all of the products, the labels, take all of the photos, ship the orders, answer your questions... you name it!  If you contact me, you will get me. This is a small business, run by one gal! 

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