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Anchor melts will be for custom orders only⚓️Custom melt orders with 24 anchors in the same scent. Please choose from any of my available scents!


These wax melts are made for your favorite wax warmer. Whether you prefer an electric or tea light version, the anchors will quickly fill your room with fragrance.  Hand poured melts make for a cleaner, healthier fragrance throw that will last longer than you think.  You can expect a fragrance to last for up to an average of 20 hours per anchor.

Custom Wax Melt Anchors

  • - Phthalate Free

    - 24 individual anchor melts of fragranced wax per order

    - Hand poured in a small batch

    - Comes in a kraft paper bag. NO one time use plastic!

  • - Place one or two anchors in your plug-in or tea light powered wax warmer. (Scents and their strengths are personal and subjective.)

    - Fragrance will last around 20-30 hours per anchor, but will depend on type and power of warmer and your scent strength preference.

    - Always remove old wax before putting a new anchor in!

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