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The same high-quality ingredients as my candles for long-lasting fragrance, the bars are made of six break-apart cubes designed to use with any fragrance wax warmer. 


Anchor melts will be for custom orders only⚓️ Please see that listing to place an order! 


Scent Menu:


Ghost Stories //roasted marshmallows ✵ smoldering fire pit//

If you got it, HAUNT it! //blood orange ✵ pumpkin//

just a little hocus pocus //autumn leaves ✵ fog ✵ mist//

Scare-a-Mel Latte //caramel ✵ cream ✵ butter pecan//

Spooky Bitch //cocoa powder ✵ baked brownie ✵ smokey maple//

Stay for a Spell //nutmeg ✵ ginger ✵ zucchini ✵ malted milk//


also offering retired Fall:

Boos and Brew //spicy cinnamon ✵ fresh brewed coffee//

Farm Fresh Autumn //crisp apples//

Oh My Gourd //toasted pumpkin ✵ cinnamon ✵ molasses//


Lounge on the Lanai //pistachio ✵ sea salt caramel ✵ almond//

Resting Brunch Face //frizzante wine ✵ a splash of juice//

Très Jolie //cotton blossom ✵ fresh lavender ✵ vanilla//


Malibu Pier //bergamot✵ basil ✵ sage ✵ sandalwood//

Mermaid Tears //sea salt ✵ water lily//

Take a Hike //vanilla fleur de sel ✵ cedar leaf ✵ teakwood//


Charlie Foxtrot //vetiver ✵ hemp ✵ lemon peel//

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot //whiskey ✵ teakwood ✵ fire//

Zulu Foxtrot //bamboo ✵ cucumber ✵ violet//


Army Tears //cedar ✵ coconut ✵ tonka bean//

Reef Points //fig ✵ moss ✵ jasmine//

The Cover and the Kiss //amber ✵ tonka bean ✵ lavender//


Allergic to BS //lily of the valley ✵ ozone//

Selectively Social //violet ✵ saffron ✵ vetiver//

Spill the tea, Sis //Earl Grey ✵ crunchy cucumber ✵ vanilla musk//


'Merica //apple pie ✵ bourbon//

Wax Bar Container

  • - Place one or two cubes in your plug-in or tea light powered wax warmer. (Scents and their strengths are personal and subjective.)

    - Fragrance will last around 20-30 hours per cube, but will depend on type and power of warmer and your scent strength preference.

    - Always remove old wax before putting a new cube in!