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[Caution- cursing used!]







Zulu Foxtrot literal translation in the military: Zero Fucks


Yes, Foxtrot singular is correct. It translates plural. Giving zero f*cks is to be unconcerned or unfazed by something... especially people's opinions about you. If you haven't arrived to this stage of life, I invite you to light this candle and stare at it for a while. Then remember it as you go about your day. 


This zen scent is exactly what you need to create your chill space. 


//bamboo ✵ cucumber ✵ violet//

Zulu Foxtrot

  • - Phthalate Free, Vegan, Non-toxic

    - 8.5 ounces of fragranced 100% soy wax 

    - Hand poured in a small batch

    - 50+ hours of burn time per candle if burned properly 

    - Natural cotton braided wick

  • SAVINGS ALERT: Please note that shipping 6 candles ($11) or 12 candles ($14) is only $2.50/$5.50 more than shipping 1 candle. Get the most out of your purchase! 


    A $3.25 handling fee is automatically added on to your shipping cost. I have purchased top of the line shipping boxes for safe delivery.

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